4 Business Ideas for Extra Income

If you are looking for a business to start from your home, be encouraged! There are many options to fit around your family that keeps your schedule flexible and doable.

College Financial Planning Consultant
This type of consultant is one who helps families get the best possible tuition price possible for a college education. In this business, you must be knowledgeable of all kinds of resources that are available through Federal Aid and various scholarships. You would counsel high schoolers as well as their parents by helping in not only Finacial Aid but even college selection. You’ll provide tips on tax implications and essay writing, negotiating, and choose the best aid packages available for the student’s specific needs. For this field, you will need a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of higher education institutions, how they function as well as their current expectations. Marketing your services can easily be done through your local libraries and schools, as well as online.

Check this book out to give you more information on this path. “Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business” 

Open a Consignment store
This option is becoming a popular one with a society that is finally learning to be more frugal and recycle with regularity. Buying gently used clothes is a trend that seems to be on the increase. One advantage in this business is the low start-up cost. You do not have to purchase the clothes; you simply set up the props and merchandise, signs and do the marketing. You receive clothes that others want to sell, and then strike up a deal. When an item sells, the profit is split 50/50 or 60/40 between the shop owner and clothing owners. Set your hours and design your shop exactly the way you want it.

Freelance Writer
The possibility of becoming a successful freelance writer has never been so great as it is today, as an astronomical number of websites and blogs go online daily. You can write on virtually anything. There are many popular companies online always looking for freelance writers and editors. You can open an account on multiple sites at once and begin your search. Also, you could create your website and market yourself through SEO and social media.

Farm Stand
Starting a greenhouse or herb farm is a wonderful way to contribute to a healthier community while earning an income. There is a lot of variety in this business from growing vegetables to herbs for medicinal purposes as well as aromatherapy, to creating sprouting greenhouses and focusing on micro greens. Of course, an in depth knowledge of greenhouse farming is required, and a few start-up costs will be necessary. But, in just a few square feet you can grow and sell bucket-fulls, making a good profit.

In addition, you could teach your gardening skills in various seminars, classes, local colleges or community gardens. Other possibilities could be developing a berry orchards or flower gardens. There is quite a lot you could do even if you only have a few acres or less available.

This short article is meant to be an inspiration for you brainstorm the hundreds of small business ideas out there. Take a look at the video included in this post for more great ideas:



Pros And Cons Of A Home Business

Are you on the lookout for a solid and formidable way to open your business with the least investment and down payments possible? If you are, you should put some thought into opening up your business at home instead of in a commercial space.

When you are launching a startup business with a couple of thousand dollars and a coin jar, doing it in the least expensive way makes a lot of sense. In addition to saving a lot (and we mean a LOT) of money on rent and other expenses, you will also be saving on commuting costs, taxes, and other general fees. You might also be able to make use of a tax cut for being a small business.

However, do not get your hopes up yet; not everything is perfect and shiny when it comes to opening up a home business. The first and foremost of these things would probably be how unprofessional it is. Clients will most likely not appreciate doing business or paying for services in an unprofessional environment such as a house.

You might also find it difficult to concentrate in your own home. The sun is shining, the fridge is calling, the golf course and the pool are all screaming out to you, and your kids are nagging for something! Family and friends might also think it an excellent idea to drop by while you’re working at home, and the list of potential distractions goes on and on.

If you are becoming dismayed from all of these negative aspects, here is some consolation; you can fix all of these problems, and here is how! You can establish your office, if you do not already have one of course, in a quiet part of your house such as the corner of your master bedroom or a dedicated small room or office.

You can furnish it with office-oriented items and tables, even if it is used (or second-hand) and invest in a new business computer. It would also be in your best interests to purchase a new home phone, or drag that old one out of your closet, and set up a business phone line with a dedicated voicemail.

If you have a large family, or any young kids that are, you will want to make it crystal clear (and we do mean it) that the office is off-limits, and that the computer and new home phone are not to be meddled with.

If you can not accomplish some of these things, it may be a good idea to arrange for business meetings that are not in your home. You will want to do this if you can’t transform your house or office to meet the same savvy and professional standards that you want.

As we mentioned earlier, you may be able to request a tax cut for yourself; this is something you will want to look into because it can save you a lot of money and legal issues in the future. You can register your home as your workplace (even if it is a small thing on the side) and reap the rewards of that sweet home office deduction.


How To Turn Your Home Into A Work Environment

By far one of the most annoying and challenging issues that people face when they are trying to run a small business start-up from home is their workspace. This issue goes hand in hand with creating a workspace for themselves; one that is clean, professional, and free from distractions.

Of course, it is still pretty easy to set up a desk or a table with all of the ingredients that you will need to craft an efficient hour-by-hour work schedule. The thing is, removing all of those comforts and distractions of a home is a difficult thing to do and is easier said than done.

In this article, you will find all of the necessary things that you will need to create a clean, distraction-free and efficient workspace. One thing you’ll need to consider is purchasing good filing cabinets and storage that fits efficiently into small spaces. You can find items such as these at places like The Container Store, or Ikea.

1. Make Your Space Clean Of Any Distractions
This tidbit has to be one of the most important tips that we can give you. If you’re trying to set up your workspace, you simply cannot get away with taking away three-quarters of the personal items and other distracting items and leaving some behind. Do not mix your personal life with your work life! They are two separate mind tracks, and they should be treated as such. Remove your smartphone (if you can) and gaming consoles, personal pictures or books and anything of the like.

2. Personalize Your Office Space And Make It Nice!
This probably sounds like one of the simplest and most obvious tips, I am sure, but a surprising amount of people skip over this step and do not recognize its importance. If you take a second to think about, you do not usually consider ‘well-designed space’ and ‘happy place’ to by synonyms for ‘work place’ now do you?

Your work space does not need to be a drab, dull, overly-minimalist and depressing spot. You will want to focus on getting comfortable and matching furniture, such as office chairs and possibly a small sofa and a matching table. If you do not have a direct lighting source, installing one would be a good choice. Natural lighting, on the other hand, is also ideal for keeping yourself focused and productive without the harshness of artificial and direct light sources.

3. Furnish Other Rooms To Have A Relaxing Effect
This is also a relatively important point. If you are one of the workers that can focus and work best when they have frequent small breaks, then you will want to keep reading on this tip; if not, feel free to concentrate on some of our other points.

Getting up to roam around your house, or going to use the bathroom or make a cup of tea from the kitchen is a pleasant experience. However, if your office or workspace is immaculate and pristine, but the rest of your house is not, this can prove to be a problem for ‘back-of-mind’ focus.

If your living room smells gross and is piled to the ceiling with books and car magazines, it’s time to renovate and pick up the slack. The same way it is hard to focus when your desk is clean but the rest of your room is not is only amplified when you work at home. Imagine having a beautiful and pristine office, only to go outside to be dismayed and depressed at the pitiful state of the rest of your house!

All in all, creating an efficient and clean workspace is extremely important when you are working from home, and especially if you are trying to run your own business. For a small recap, we (and a lot of other professionals) believe that the key to working efficiently and productively is to be as focused as possible. Whatever way you can focus the most is the best way for you to work, so get cracking!

Here’s a few extra tips that will help you in organizing your home office so you can do your work!

Starting a Greenhouse for Your Home Based Business

With not a whole lot of effort, you can easily create a profitable greenhouse business whether you are in Worcester or another city, that will not only benefit the earth but will also put some money into your pocket. One day, after all of that hard work, money and dedication that you put into that will give back to you. Before you know it, you will be bringing in some serious dough and giving back to the community, and most importantly, giving back to nature! Not only has the demand for greenhouses and variety farms skyrocket in recent years, but so has the demand for hydroponic farming, herbs, and seeds! It is a valuable market to get into right now, so if you are thinking about it, you should. The more greenhouses, the better!

Not to mention, having a greenhouse in your community that sources from local farms are perfect for other smaller businesses as well as your own!

We think that starting your own greenhouse business can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences that you can take part in, and you can do it almost anywhere. Seriously, it can be in the suburbs, the country, somewhere in Idaho or even in New York City!

There is an ingrained natural pride that comes with starting and creating your greenhouse, and with that comes a lot of respect and also a lot of extra income and other mutual benefits.

Our first tip to get you going in the right direction is to study your climate to find out what kind of vegetables, fruits or herbs you want to be growing. In choosing what type of vegetation to grow, you will need to figure out what kinds of plants sell and what does not. Studying peoples buying patterns is always a surefire way to start. You’ll also want to make sure you manage your waste by getting in touch with any number of trash hauling companies in Worcester to make sure you are in compliance with dumpster regulations for organic waste.

Evaluate what kind of ability you have when it comes to growing plants and farming; while it is true that you may not have the drive nor technical ability to immediately start off with forty acres of corn, but everyone can get there over time.

It is the best option for a beginner to start off with one crop that they can manage easily; you don’t want to be a jack of all trades. Remember, a master of one is better than an amateur of none! If you do not follow this step, you might become burdened with all of the different heat/cold temperature difficulties, watering, soil and fertilizer differences and all of the other slowdowns that encompass variety gardening.

As a beginner, it is also difficult to grow and sell all of these different herbs, vegetables, and plants at various times of the year. If you are serious about creating your greenhouse that is not just permanent, you will be hard-pressed to find an easier, simpler and more attractive way to get into variety gardening than just choosing a single crop. Why would you bother growing 25 different types of plants and go through all of that hard ship when you could spend nigh a quarter of the time with 400 of the same plant?

It’s all about context, managing your resources, balancing your farm out and what you can do; motivation and dedication are not the only things that you need if you want to get into professional green housing.


Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring

Online Marketing; your best bet.
In this Internet era, Just about everyone can gain access to the Internet through their home computer from anywhere in the world. If you are thinking of ways to market art work on a Shoestring, look no further than your computer and internet connection to start the online marketing of your art work.

All you have to do is to set up a blog on any of the free blogging services like Blogger or Blogspot, and off you go. Next, consistently update your blog with unique contents of your work. An important first step is to sign up for a Google Adsense account that will enable you to monetize your blog by placing Google ads. Quite simply, you get paid when visitors click on these ads. Besides updating your blog, you must work on driving more traffic to your blog. A golden rule to observe at all times is never click on your ads to avoid getting your Google Adsense account banned.

If you want to sell your art work online, then you need to have a professional website built. First, buy a domain name that is related to your style of art, then get hosting set up along with your site so you can install a shopping cart. The cost for the domain name and hosting is relatively small and is likely the only investment you will need to get started.

You would have realized here that ideas are aplenty, but a business does not thrive on ideas alone. The fact is, you have to target visitors or customers and expand your capacity to sell. No doubt, to be successful in any online business depends on strategizing the marketing of your art work for a high volume of traffic and sales conversions. There are various free marketing strategies and techniques already in place to research and try out, but you will need to put in your time and effort to make these work for you.

You can also market your art work through networking. If you have setup a blog relating to your business or an online store you can spread the news through social media, which can subsequently go viral over time. Alternatively, you can enroll in any trade association relating to your art and be active in local events that they organize. By this approach, you will be able to promote your art work to all the members of the association.

In regards to your website, you need to optimize it through search engine optimization (SEO) so that your domain can be easily located whenever a person makes a relevant search using a search engine. Putting keywords into the title and subtitle texts, as well as sparingly in the content can achieve this. Your website should also have an option for visitors to sign-up for newsletters so that you can email subscribers whenever you want to update them on new product launches and offers.

Marketing your art work on a shoestring budget is not that complex, it just requires a little elbow grease. In fact, many people have gone from broke to making millions with their online business. You too can achieve this by staying focused on your tasks, keeping steadfast vision and perseverance while maintaining a positive attitude.

What is Branding?

Branding exists to set apart one’s company from another and will often come in many forms. It includes logo design first and foremost, and the consistent printing of the logo across several media platforms – print and digital so consumers can at an instant recognize your company.

Branding can also take place on many surfaces and textiles such as rubber, plastic, cork, wood, wax, soap, and even some kinds of livestock for several distinct purposes. It is regarded as the most inexpensive way to imprint a product. Back in the day, branding was carried out by a fireplace heated tool; usually an iron or steel conductor of high temperature.

Personalization is accomplished for an assortment of reasons; it can be completed to mark a bit of timber with a signature symbol, or it can be utilized to seal a logo on a bar of soap or piece of chocolate, or anything in between. It can also be carried out to make a slab of leather recognizable for promoting a trendy pairs of jeans. Branding can even be utilized for tagging livestock to separate them from other livestock. It is ordinarily completed to show ownership and reduce or guard against theft of a farmer’s herds.

Branding is a relatively simple method of imprinting a mark on a surface area. It is done when an iron or other heat conducting metal is put together with a heat supply until that iron or other heat conducting metal is red hot. It indicates that the metal has conducted its highest achievable level of heat before it is either destroyed or simply stops conduction. As soon as the iron or other heat conducting metal has reached this level or optimum heat, the metal is applied to the material that the brander wishes to imprint.

The heat seals off open areas of the product and simply leaves the tag perfectly implanted on the material. On some products, the level of heat must be carefully watched to avoid over burning or the destruction of the product. The hot metal must be left on the surface area for an exact amount of time to make sure these results do not occur. The heat added to the cool or moderately tempered surface area allows the logo to last longer than a life time. For this reason, branding is revered as the longest lasting and most effective way to ensure that a particular symbol remains on an area and can withstand the elements of weather and other eroding possibilities.

A lot of Promotional Products are branded with trademarks and corporate logos. Primarily leather and plastic items are made distinct by using a stamping technique. There can be expenses of setting up the machinery to apply the customer’s logo; this is known as a ‘tooling charge’ and can range from $20 to $400-$600 depending on the size and condition of the machinery needed to brand the products. A lot of recycled materials are also branded with images as it is regarded as an eco-friendly alternative to modern printing which uses ink and other chemicals in the process. Items made from leather or even recycled materials are often branded with company logos rather than with a more standard method of chemical printing.

The brand identity and name should reflect the service and/or product so people know what they are purchasing at a glance. If your product is of high quality, they will associate it with your name and logo allowing sales to increase through word-of-mouth.


How To Get The Most Out Of A Business Networking Event

As a business owner, widening your network is key to ensuring your business of steady and renewed sales. You cannot just sit around and pray that patrons come into your store. You have to go out and seek new relationships, new partnerships, new contacts, with the underlying hope of helping your business get more and more patrons. This entire process is called networking.

But networking is not just incidental or careless promoting for your business. Some keys characterize effective networking:

Providing value to others
Networking is not all about you making a sale. To be successful, you must be instrumental in helping others also. If you are in a networking event, others are just as eager to sell as you are. If you own a restaurant, while a person you met sells computers (totally unrelated to each other), then refer him to your friends whom you know are in need of good computers. You will find that this simple, seemingly small favor you do will reap you benefits. After all, who doesn’t want to eat good food at a good restaurant? Who knows, maybe this grateful new networking friend of yours might even consider holding all their future meetings in your restaurant? You then end up not only successful in your networking efforts, but you also got the chance to provide value or help to others too. Kindness begets kindness.

Create beneficial situations for your customers: It is not possible to force potential customers to purchase your products just for the sake of helping you make a buck. You have to make the sale worthwhile for your potential customer, too. Provide mutual benefit. Find ways to use your products to help out others. Sometimes, you need to give discounts in exchange for patronage, especially in bulk purchases.

Be at the right places
No matter how great your sales pitches are, or how wonderful your product is, if you are unmindful about your choice of networking event, then your efforts will be futile. If you sell high tech gadgets, then networking at your local Seniors’ event might not seem to be a viable move. You end up wasting your time, and others’ time as well.

Put some effort into research
Find out when and where you should be. Networking is not blind promotion – it must be targeted and precise, to minimize effort for maximum results.

Be sincere and truthful
Nobody likes to be told how wonderful a product is, yet get an item of poor quality. Nobody wants to repeat a deal with a networker who enticed you into buying by using his charm but turned out to have such poor customer service skills after making a sale. In short, be sincere when networking, because the best networkers can see through fakeness easily. When you attend a business networking event, stand aside and look around at the people who are there and who you should meet first. Accordingly, meet the required people and try to get their business cards as you get to know them. This will surely get your business well established among your competitors.


How To Make Money Writing Online

If you are looking for a job (or even part time job) and you have some decent writing skills, it is worth your time to consider writing articles for different companies and blogs looking to fill out their pages.

The problem with this is that there is already so much competition for these jobs, and not only that but already so many different websites that offer these jobs in return for cheap articles. So, with that having been said, what website or blog should I sign up for and devote my time to writing articles? Here are some of our top picks!

1. Hubpages
This is a simple and straightforward website for anyone to use, even if they are not traditionally tech-savvy. You can join and upload your first article with no strings attached! Your first article (and all of your articles, for that matter) will need to be at least 700 words long to be considered valid. They will also have to manually be approved, which is okay. Just do not try to plagiarize, as you can get in serious trouble for that!

2. Teckler
This particular company is a great place for writers because you earn 70% of what you are writing This means that you are getting paid more when compared to competitor’s websites that offer similar or the same type of general service, which of course is always good!

Not only this, but you can also get paid to create videos and photos and other kinds of media that are alike! One of the coolest features about Teckler is that you have a minimum payout of only $0.50. You can also add affiliate links to your articles, pictures and videos to increase, double, triple or even scale your earnings. Teckler is one of the few article-writing websites that are on demand that supports affiliate marketing.

3. BubbleWS
This site is cool. It is a revenue-sharing network (Sounds like technocratic socialism, but I promise it is not!) that pays you for $0.01 for every view that your post gets! This is great because the more that you gain traction, the more and more you earn, not only from getting paid to write articles but from people just viewing your articles. This is why BubbleWS is one of my favorite websites to make money online from.

4. Dailytwocents
I bet you can guess where this site got its name from! It operates very similarly to BubbleWS, although it has some slight differences. First of all (and probably one of the most important reasons out of the two) is that this website pays by the MONTH (which can be somewhat upsetting for some people who are looking for a quick buck or two) and its minimum payout is between five and fifty dollars.

One rather unfortunate side effect of this higher payout is that you get paid less, which means the more views you get is essential to you getting paid a decent amount. It leaves a taste in my mouth like Neo-Libertarianism; nobody likes it, nobody wants it, and nobody will appreciate what it offers.

Now, this is not bad. Dailytwocents are also the ONLY other website besides the one that is previously mentioned that allows for you to use affiliate links. However, they can only be used to a certain extent, that being that they can only be used for ‘legitimate’ products which, unfortunately, the website has to deem appropriate. You win some and lose some, I guess. It’s like 1943 Italy all over again.

There are all sorts of websites that pay you to do online work or write articles for money! These are particularly useful for anyone who wants a job and has a decent computer that is at least half functional. It is also especially useful for college students that need a break to work somewhere (and do something else) than flipping Krabby patties at the local McDonalds for minimum wage.

Here’s more! Good luck!


How to Become a Home Business Millionaire

It’s not a simple task; just thinking about what it takes to become a millionaire is enough to overwhelm the average person. However, every day there are more and more millionaires being made, and the kicker is they’re doing it from home. There are many reasons for the new economic opportunities available from home, but it’s not important to know why they’re available it’s more important to know how to take advantage of them.

According to prominent financial publications, over 79 million people in North America will start a home based business over the next five years. Additionally over ten million millionaires will be created over the next ten years. This means that the opportunities are out there to strike it rich working from home.

To become a millionaire working from home one of the most important things is to have the right motivation. I’m not talking about buying a bunch of books written by guys who’s only experience at being an entrepreneur is selling a book about how to become rich. The real motivation is setting proper and achievable business and personal goals. Simply saying to yourself, “I want to become a Millionaire” is not enough. Real motivation comes from making a series of business goals that take you on a path to that ultimate goal.

For instance, if you choose real estate investment as your vehicle to become a work at home millionaire your goals should be perpetual. You can start off by researching which type of real estate you want to be involved with then proceed to research and learn as much as you can about it. Following that you can begin to set quarterly goals for yourself of how much business you want to be doing or how many deals. Regardless of which opportunity you choose to pursue the key to becoming a millionaire is to have a solid business plan and proper motivation.

You need to do your due diligence and find the right path on your own and leverage your skills to attain millionaire status. Make sure your business model has the right elements to give you the best chance for success. This mix includes finding the right niche, the best training, and the perfect tools you’ll need to find your millionaire business.

Remember, millionaires are being created every day, and many of them are doing it from the comforts of their own homes. These include former corporate employees, stay-at-home moms, college kids, and more. There are folks from all different backgrounds who are deciding to become millionaires. This is the most important decision in realizing the goal of building your millionaire business. Want to be a millionaire by age 30? Check this out.

Keep in mind that along with your path there’s going to be many products and gurus who will try to sway you with their latest and greatest. Honestly some of these things may help you with your goal of becoming a millionaire, but in the end, you’re the only one who can help yourself reach your dreams.