4 Business Ideas for Extra Income

By | August 10, 2017

If you are looking for a business to start from your home, be encouraged! There are many options to fit around your family that keeps your schedule flexible and doable.

College Financial Planning Consultant
This type of consultant is one who helps families get the best possible tuition price possible for a college education. In this business, you must be knowledgeable of all kinds of resources that are available through Federal Aid and various scholarships. You would counsel high schoolers as well as their parents by helping in not only Finacial Aid but even college selection. You’ll provide tips on tax implications and essay writing, negotiating, and choose the best aid packages available for the student’s specific needs. For this field, you will need a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of higher education institutions, how they function as well as their current expectations. Marketing your services can easily be done through your local libraries and schools, as well as online.

Check this book out to give you more information on this path. “Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business” 

Open a Consignment store
This option is becoming a popular one with a society that is finally learning to be more frugal and recycle with regularity. Buying gently used clothes is a trend that seems to be on the increase. One advantage in this business is the low start-up cost. You do not have to purchase the clothes; you simply set up the props and merchandise, signs and do the marketing. You receive clothes that others want to sell, and then strike up a deal. When an item sells, the profit is split 50/50 or 60/40 between the shop owner and clothing owners. Set your hours and design your shop exactly the way you want it.

Freelance Writer
The possibility of becoming a successful freelance writer has never been so great as it is today, as an astronomical number of websites and blogs go online daily. You can write on virtually anything. There are many popular companies online always looking for freelance writers and editors. You can open an account on multiple sites at once and begin your search. Also, you could create your website and market yourself through SEO and social media.

Farm Stand
Starting a greenhouse or herb farm is a wonderful way to contribute to a healthier community while earning an income. There is a lot of variety in this business from growing vegetables to herbs for medicinal purposes as well as aromatherapy, to creating sprouting greenhouses and focusing on micro greens. Of course, an in depth knowledge of greenhouse farming is required, and a few start-up costs will be necessary. But, in just a few square feet you can grow and sell bucket-fulls, making a good profit.

In addition, you could teach your gardening skills in various seminars, classes, local colleges or community gardens. Other possibilities could be developing a berry orchards or flower gardens. There is quite a lot you could do even if you only have a few acres or less available.

This short article is meant to be an inspiration for you brainstorm the hundreds of small business ideas out there. Take a look at the video included in this post for more great ideas: