How To Make Money Writing Online

By | July 28, 2017

If you are looking for a job (or even part time job) and you have some decent writing skills, it is worth your time to consider writing articles for different companies and blogs looking to fill out their pages.

The problem with this is that there is already so much competition for these jobs, and not only that but already so many different websites that offer these jobs in return for cheap articles. So, with that having been said, what website or blog should I sign up for and devote my time to writing articles? Here are some of our top picks!

1. Hubpages
This is a simple and straightforward website for anyone to use, even if they are not traditionally tech-savvy. You can join and upload your first article with no strings attached! Your first article (and all of your articles, for that matter) will need to be at least 700 words long to be considered valid. They will also have to manually be approved, which is okay. Just do not try to plagiarize, as you can get in serious trouble for that!

2. Teckler
This particular company is a great place for writers because you earn 70% of what you are writing This means that you are getting paid more when compared to competitor’s websites that offer similar or the same type of general service, which of course is always good!

Not only this, but you can also get paid to create videos and photos and other kinds of media that are alike! One of the coolest features about Teckler is that you have a minimum payout of only $0.50. You can also add affiliate links to your articles, pictures and videos to increase, double, triple or even scale your earnings. Teckler is one of the few article-writing websites that are on demand that supports affiliate marketing.

3. BubbleWS
This site is cool. It is a revenue-sharing network (Sounds like technocratic socialism, but I promise it is not!) that pays you for $0.01 for every view that your post gets! This is great because the more that you gain traction, the more and more you earn, not only from getting paid to write articles but from people just viewing your articles. This is why BubbleWS is one of my favorite websites to make money online from.

4. Dailytwocents
I bet you can guess where this site got its name from! It operates very similarly to BubbleWS, although it has some slight differences. First of all (and probably one of the most important reasons out of the two) is that this website pays by the MONTH (which can be somewhat upsetting for some people who are looking for a quick buck or two) and its minimum payout is between five and fifty dollars.

One rather unfortunate side effect of this higher payout is that you get paid less, which means the more views you get is essential to you getting paid a decent amount. It leaves a taste in my mouth like Neo-Libertarianism; nobody likes it, nobody wants it, and nobody will appreciate what it offers.

Now, this is not bad. Dailytwocents are also the ONLY other website besides the one that is previously mentioned that allows for you to use affiliate links. However, they can only be used to a certain extent, that being that they can only be used for ‘legitimate’ products which, unfortunately, the website has to deem appropriate. You win some and lose some, I guess. It’s like 1943 Italy all over again.

There are all sorts of websites that pay you to do online work or write articles for money! These are particularly useful for anyone who wants a job and has a decent computer that is at least half functional. It is also especially useful for college students that need a break to work somewhere (and do something else) than flipping Krabby patties at the local McDonalds for minimum wage.

Here’s more! Good luck!